Thank you for taking the time to report your concerns to the Office of the State Auditor Hotline Program. The mission of the Hotline Program is to help effect positive change in state and local government operations.

Please refer to for FAQs and more information about the Hotline Program.


Complaints must involve an entity for which the State Auditor has statutory oversight responsibility.

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Complaints may be submitted anonymously. However, providing contact information allows us to ask follow-up questions and investigate the complaint more effectively. Disclosure of identity is also necessary if an eligible complainant is asserting Whistleblower status, in accordance with Utah Code §67-21.

The State Auditor classifies the identity of complainants as a protected record under Utah Code §67-3-1 and the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA). Therefore, we do not disclose complainant identity unless authorized by the complainant or upon a court order. However, on occasion, individuals/entities under investigation may be able to guess or determine complainant identity due to the nature of the complaint.

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The questions below are designed to help you organize and provide all relevant and necessary information about your concern (who, what, where, when, how, etc.). While the form requires an answer only for question #2, we encourage you to consider all the questions to ensure that the information provided is sufficient for us to efficiently evaluate and corroborate the complaint.

This section must contain information and is required for submission.

Documents supporting your complaint can be attached and submitted below (Recommended file types: .pdf, .docx, .csv, .txt, .jpg, .png):


Please note, the State Auditor must use judgment and discretion in prioritizing investigations. As such, the State Auditor may refer some complaints to other entities, and may decline to investigate certain complaints or certain aspects of complaints.